• Updated: 27/03/2022

In Europe

Your animals are authorized to travel to european community countries.

The authorities have established special temporary rules and exceptions for the vaccinations of Ukrainian animals.

Informations by country verified by international animal activist organizations:

After crossing the border

We recommend you meet a veterinarian. He will perform the necessary vaccinations and provide you an animal passport.

It is cheaper than doing it in France and will ensure your animal can travel in Europe.

In France

Your domestic animals are authorized to come to France

You will have to meet a veterinarian after arrival to make paperwork in order. It is mandatory if not performed before.

The governement service in charge is the DDPP (Direction Departementale de la Protection des Personnes)

Official information is found here

Each departement has a DDPP. The list of DDPP

The Fondation Brigitte Bardot and “Vétérinaires pour Tous” have launched free veterinary service in France for ukranian refugees with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. You can get free appointments with veterinarians.

Details [FR] : Fondation Brigitte Bardot webpage, Document to be filed by the veterinarian , Strategy presentation

Most French families have one or several animals.

In big cities, appartements are small so they have less room for animals.

In smaller cities, domestic animals aver very common.

Many french families in medium to smaller cities have said they will host ukranian people with animals.

Be aware that having animals may reduce the number of emergency housing opportunities. It is best to favor smaller cities and to contact the local animal organizations so they can help you (see shelters below).

If you don't find a solution, an animal shelter exist everywhere in France : “SPA”

France has several well known animal organizations with shelters:

You can search it on Google Maps. If needed, ask the “MAIRIE” (city authorities). They will know.

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