• Emergency rooms are found at most hospitals. To find emergencies, type “urgences” in Google Maps with the french name of the city or call the emergency phone number.
  • Antibiotics need doctor prescriptions.
  • Doctor appointments may take several days.
  • Medications are obtained at “PHARMACIE”. At night or on week-ends, there is always a PHARMACIE open in medium to big cities. The hospital or the emergency phone line will tell you.
  • If you are homeless, MEDECINS DU MONDE provide healthcare to homeless people in large cities.
  • Hospitals are usually found in cities with more than 10000 habitants where there is prefecture or sous-prefecture. To find hospitals, type “hôpital” in Google Maps with the french name of your city.
  • Complex surgery and care are performed by regional hospitals (CHU). Each French region has at least one regional hospital.
  • The price of medication is decided by governement. So are the price of doctors visits. Some exceptions exist such as over-the-counter medications and some specialized doctors.
  • As soon as you arrive on French soil, with “temporary protection”, you will benefit from universal health protection and complementary health insurance. This allows, among other things, not to pay the costs for your health care upfront: you will be covered as well as the members of your family for a period of 12 months.
  • To benefit from it, you must provide the primary health insurance fund (“CPAM”) of your place of residence with the temporary residence permit issued by the prefecture.
  • If the address mentioned on the temporary residence permit no longer corresponds to your current address, you should also attach a copy of proof of residence
  • You will receive after a card in the mail

For administrative health questions:

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