• Interim housing is provided by the Prefecture or approved non-profit organizations from a list of approved hosts. These hosts will host you for free.
  • In large cities, housing solutions may be offered in cities and villages very far from the city (sometimes more than 200 km).
  • In smaller cities, you are more likely to be offered more local housing options.

Non-validated free housing is not recommended due to lack of security checks. You may also be exposed to scammers.

If you still wish to proceed at your own risks, you should perform research before accepting.

Be aware it is unlikely you will be able to rent on the regular housing market before having a permanent job position for several months.

Prices are extremely high in Paris and the Cote d'Azur area.

The average rent price in 2022 is :

  • 16 EUR per square meter per month in France. Source and map: Se loger
  • 32 EUR per square meter per month inside the city of Paris. Source and map: Se loger
  • 19 EUR per square meter per month inside the city of Nice. Source and map: Se loger

To rent, the vast majority of property owners will require :

  • a proof of identity
  • a stable and permanent job contract with “bulletins de salaires” (pay slip) for the last three months
  • a refundable deposit (1 month of rent)
  • realtor agent fees (1 month of rent)
  • a guarantor, to pay your rent if at some point you are unable to pay
  • that the rent does not exceed one third of your monthly income.
  • Some owners will prohibit animals.
  • Water and electricity are rarely included in the rent price.
  • Heating may or may not be included
  • You are likely to be asked to pay in addidition to the basic rent price, a “charge locative” monthly fee for trash collection, maintenance, collective heating.
  • Renting contracts usually are permanent contracts. Some renting contracts can be temporary for several months.
  • The accommodation must be insured by rental insurance. The owner will ask for the certificate issued by the insurer.

Common real estate websites in France include :

  • The Ministry of the Interior indicated in its instruction of March 10 that a special process would be put in place in each Département including housing, temporary accommodation and accommodation with individuals, with social support provided by an organization chosen by the prefect (the head of Prefecture).
  • The Prime Minister indicated on Tuesday March 22 that 91,000 proposals for collective or citizen accommodation are available and that the Government is preparing to welcome 100,000 people.
  • A [[https://www.lacimade.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/INSTRUCTION-NOR-LOG12209326C.pdf | joint instruction of March 22, 2022 of the ministers of housing and the interior specified the modalities of the reception. The process is designed in three phases:
    • Collective emergency accommodation near the main arrival points,
    • Special accommodation centers in all large capacity structures. Transitional accommodation for the duration of an orientation towards housing/adapted citizen accommodation (up to several months)
    • Access to housing made available free of charge or at a low price by local authorities, social landlords or citizens listed in a database. Priority to full and autonomous accommodation (at least 3 months). Accommodation provided by citizens in addition, with adapted support. An association approved by Département is responsible for supporting people, doing rental intermediation or relations with the hosts.
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