Vaccinations and COVID

  • Updated : 27/03/2022

France has a strong pro-vaccine culture, as the country of origin of Institut Pasteur.

While vaccination is not always mandatory, it is free and highly recommended. In some cases, it is mandatory :

  • You can buy tests at “Pharmacie”. They no longer are free.
  • You can buy covid mask in supermarkets. It is cheaper than at “Pharmacie”.
  • Non-profit organizations and cities often offer masks for free to refugees.
  • Rules are changing often. Rules are decided by the central government, the Prefet (the head of Prefecture) and the mayor of each city.
  • New rules are usually advertised on TV, radios and in newspapers.
  • Local rules are published on the website of each prefecture and in its Twitter feed.
  • Currently it is not required to have a mask outside. Inside, the mask is preferred. It is required in planes or trains.
  • Most essential services (supermarkets) are open without proof of vaccination or proof of tests.
  • Advice: Do what you see French people do.
  • No verification of COVID passport.
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