Learn French

  • If one of your family member does not know how to write or how use a computer, France Terre d'Asile (or CCAS) will tell you where to find free classes. Don't feel ashamed. It is a common difficulty.
  • The most important aspect is to start with the french alphabet.
  • It is essential to learn french even basic politeness french.
  • French is the official language of France.
  • France has several regional minorities speaking other languages.
  • Older french people rarely speak english.
  • English is more common in young people, but the average level is not considered high.
  • Some French people speak bit of german in the East of France.
  • Few businesses operate in english, even international businesses.
  • All administrative documents are in french. Documents are rarely translated in english.
  • French competence is required by most employers and for naturalization.
  • Exposure to school, leisure activities and TV shows will help your child learn french quickly.
  • Migrants and refugees children not speaking french usually are usually allocated to special classes where they can learn french. These classes are known as “Francais Langue Etrangère” (“FLE”).
  • After successful completion of coursework in these classes, children are allocated to regular schools.
  • In maternelle and primary schools in small cities or villages, children may be directly allocated to regular classes due to the lack of special classes.
  • The french national TV channels are offering free documentaries, shows and online classes for each age group on Lumni.
  • The governement and many local organizations offers free french classes. There are also many free official courses and applications on the Internet (see below).
  • The France Terre d'Asile network will also tell you who provides free french classes in your city.
  • The national job agency Pole Emploi may refer you to professional french classes paid by the unemployment fund.

TV5 Monde

  • Level: Complete beginner
  • The international French channel TV5 Monde offers free French lessons with videos: Première classe

Vivre en France (Living in France)

Travailler en France (Working in France)

Vivre et accéder à l'emploi en France (Living and accessing employment in France)

Ensemble en France (Together in France)

Free "Vivre en France" (Living in France) app

Free "Happy FLE" app

  • Learn the basics of French in everyday situations: identify means of transport, read a map, understand a medical prescription, greet, shop, understand administrative documents…
  • 120 exercises and 100 words to discover divided into five themes: transport, environment, health, shopping, housing.
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