Obtaining aid in your new city

  • Updated : 26/03/2022
  • There are a lot of myths about the level of welfare in France. People often confuse permanent payments to permanent residents and refugees.
  • The situation is extremely difficult for foreigners without official papers. Hopefully, Ukrainian refugees benefit from temporary protection.
  • The first type of aid will be direct aid, not money. You will be provided an opportunity to learn french. You can work here.

  • Ukranian refugees will benefit from personal housing assistance (APL) in addition to ADA. The website of a prefecture mentions it with the phrase : the “eligibility for personalized housing assistance (APL)”.
  • The APL is paid by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF).
  • Until now, the website of the Ministry of the Interior mention “supports in access to housing”.
  • It is difficult to know the amount for each family at this stage.
  • “Personalized housing assistance (APL) is financial assistance intended to reduce the amount of your rent (or your fee if you live in a hostel). It is paid according to the situation of your accommodation, regardless of or your family situation: single, married, with or without dependents. The conditions for allocation differs depending on whether you are renting or living in a hostel.”
  • The payment of the APL is subject to conditions concerning accommodation: “The dwelling for which the APL is required must also meet certain criteria of decency and meet certain minimum conditions of occupation. The dwelling must in particular include at least one main room offering a living area of 9 square meters and a height under minimum ceiling of 2.20 meters or, failing that, a living space of 20 cubic meters.”
  • Its typical amount is:
    • approximately 250 EUR per month for a single person
    • around 330 EUR per month for a couple with one child (+47 EUR per child or additional person).
  • This aid is paid every monthly on a bank account and in some cases directly to some housing entities.
  • It will have to be requested with a file submitted to the CAF once the rights have been confirmed by the PREFECTURE. It is not automatic.
  • The allowance is reduced if you are working.
  • Food (if needed)
  • Clothes (if needed)
  • Housing support (see APL)
  • Healthcare (hospitals and mutuelle to pay the doctor and pharmacy)
  • French classes, etc
  • MAIN POINT OF CONTACT IN EACH CITY : You will need to register with the city at “Mairie”. Each city, even small towns have a local help center for poor french people for information. They will also give information to foreigners. With Google Maps, you can search: “CCAS” with the name of the city. You can trust “Mairie” and “Centre Communal d'Action Social” (CCAS) to help you in addition to non-profit organizations.
  • HOUSING : Prefecture and Mairie should have free housing offers available for ukranian refugees in most medium to small cities and villages. It is unlikely in big cities due to constraints on the housing market.
  • Foreigners often say the french are nicer and have more time to help outside big cities.

Approved non profit organizations can help you register with authorities and find housing on an approved list of hosts based on the number of family members, get free food, clothes, etc. They will help you but their offices may not be always open (check on Google Maps).

You can always trust big non profit organizations such as :

Response to national and international crises

Organizations specialized in refugees

  • Same organizations
  • Local units of the Red Cross : “Unité Locale Croix Rouge”
  • Resto du Coeur will help you to feed your baby and have diapers. They are organizing “RESTO BEBE DU COEUR”.
  • If not available, contact the local CCAS for help.

Once registered with “Prefecture”, you will have to register :

  • for “APL” (housing allowance) with CAF = Caisse d'Allocation Familiale (family and welfare center)
  • for social security healthcare card with : CPAM = Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie (social security)
  • your children for primary school at “Mairie” or for secondary school at “College” or for high school at “Lycée”.
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