• Updated : 19/03/2022
  • Prepared by David HEURTEVENT, Georgetown University, Security Studies Program graduate
  • Do not wait until you are trapped by combats !!
  • If possible, it is best to prepare your departure as it will help future paperwork and travel.
  • The first step is to follow the evacuation instructions of the Ukranian government.
  • Do not worry about the optimum route to your final country. Always take the safest route to a safe border of Ukraine.
  • If you are a single, try to travel with friends or family to reduce safety risks.
  • Never give your identification to anyone except transportation, border and police officials. Identification is very important.

Keys Documents in such situation include :

  • Bringing your identification document : Passport (biometric or not) and/or national identification card. Both are accepted to enter other countries to quit Ukrain and enter Europe during the war.
  • Gathering important documents :
    • Proof of address: Electricity bill or water bill or tax document
    • Children birth certificates
    • Driving licence
    • Tax identification number
    • School diplomas and grades
    • Job contract or retirement document
    • Bank statement
    • Key medical documents (history and current medication prescription).

If traveling by train or plane, anticipate the risks from loosing or theft during the travel. It is recommended to scan documents and save them online in the cloud (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc).

Keep a copy of your identification in the suitcase and/or on your body if possible

Be prepared for the transfer to the border and beyond that will take several days, so:

  • Bring important medications with enough for a week at least
  • Bring enough diapers, if needed
  • Bring enough baby formula for infants
  • Bring some food and water, especially if you have particular allergies
  • Bring enough clothes for several days

Have enough money for the trip. Be aware that UAH is difficult to convert. So keep your savings at the bank. You will be better using credit cards in Europe or transfer the remaining UAH later.

It is recommended to bring your cell phone and charger, if it can use Wifi or the internet.

You must travel light. You may unfortunately not have much space left for other items. Family pictures are light.

It is recommended to wear some form of identification : First name, Last name, date of birth, maybe address on you. If you or your child end up separated or unable to communicate, it will allow to identify you.

Your rights include temporary shelter and basic needs such as food and medicine. Police and other administrative checks are possible at any moment including within the territories of the European Member States for security and migration purposes. It is important to cooperate and provide the required documents and information to police, border guards or other competent authorities. In certain circumstances, you may be required to remain available to the authorities during these checks in designated facilities.

The European Commission has published a prepare to leave section on its website.

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