Translation - How to translate from or to French

Instant Voice Translate :

Free application : https://uk-fr.glideapp.io

It is possible to download Google Translate language packs to be able to use it offline.

Explanations for using Google Translate offline

The translation of certain official documents requires an official translation by a sworn translator.

The easiest way is to ask a Ukrainian association, if there is one near you.

Otherwise, these translators (working for a fee) appear on an official list established by the courts.

To find them:

  1. Determine the Court of Appeal: go to directory of the Ministry of Justice. Type the postal code or the name of the town, the directory will tell you under the heading “Cour d'Appel” the city of the court of appeal
  2. Open the PDF of the experts and translators of your court of appeal on the website of the court of cassation (the French supreme court)
  3. Find the list of interpreters: The translators appear in the chapter “H. Interpretariat - Traduction” of the document
  4. Find the list of Ukrainian interpreters: Search for “ukrainien”.
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